“Sensitive Natural Spaces” are exceptional places for ecological diversity and the traces of human activity in centuries gone by. These sites are particularly fragile, and require special care. Restoration of natural ecologies, maintenance of local architecture and general protection operations.

The Landes du Frau in Dégagnazès

Land of legends, the valley of Dégagnazès shelters a particularly interesting cultural and historical heritage. Located near Peyrilles, the site was once home to a priory and a spectacular "devil's sinkhole." Le Frau is a geological curiosity, a vein of silica which doesn't seem to belong in the limestone country, planted with moors of heather and gorse.

The wetlands of St Cirq Madelon

Water meadows in the Lot? The rarity of such a thing has earned it the title of Sensitive Natural Space. On the waters of this highly unusual site, birds, butterflies and dragonflies can be observed, in a quasi-religious silence.

And at nightfall, the frogs begin their symphony. They are best seen in the springtime when they leave their hibernation to breed. A full-voiced concert guaranteed!