Each village has its church, and each church has its style.

600 square metres of frescoes!

In the shelter of its square bell-tower, the Church of St. Georges in Saint-Cirq Madelon houses a treasure. Admire the paintings that cover its walls and arches, in soft but strong colours.

Arched vaults

The abbey of Vigan, which appears in records from the year 900, has been rebuilt several times. Today, only the Gothic church with its superb arched vaults and an impressive apse, dominated by a tower, remain.


A family history

What do the altarpiece of St Peter's church, the tabernacle of Notre Dame and the church of St Siméon in Gourdon have in common? The Tourniers! Carpenters, architects and above all artists, these famous brothers sculpted furniture and a host of liturgical statues throughout the 17th century.