A lump of clay, a great deal of talent and a little bit of pottery magic. Perpetuating an old tradition, the potters of Uzech-les-Oules make pottery with a fame that reaches far beyond the region. If you're passing through Gourdon, a tour of their workshop is something not to miss!

A renewed tradition

At the crossroads between Rocamadour and Saint-Cirq Lapopie, Uzech-Les-Oules has cultivates its love for ceramics since the thirteenth century. The tradition has been transmitted from generation to generation and today potters employ all the ancestral techniques, giving a unique soul to this little village of just 200 inhabitants. Gathered in the Oulerie, a cluster of ceramic artists and four potters work sandstone and porcelain in their bustling workshop.

A heritage to discover

Passionate about their profession, the potters open the doors of their workshops and welcome you inside. Between two firings, they will show you inside the kiln, and will also let you try your hand at turning your own pot. It is best to make an appointment before arriving.

A unique experience

Want be a potter? For a few hours or even over a few days, you can learn all the mysteries of modelling, turning and glazing. Natacha and Aurélia, two potters working in the Oulerie, propose courses and internships in pottery. Alone, with the family or in a group of friends, learn more about the pleasure of creation.